Award Winning DJs  “King Raffi” Nalvarian and “DJ Adrian” Cavlan

For in-game music play, major-league sports franchises trust Sound In Motion to achieve the difficult but critical balance of being cutting edge and original, yet accessible and family-friendly.

It is not an easy mix to define, but having performed live at literally thousands of corporate events, weddings, school dances and other family events over the years, our staff of music programmers and studio producers understand the elements that define this mix, and most of all, how to get people of all ages and backgrounds (...your team's fans, right?) moving.

We are uniquely qualified to provide the kind of music that will enhance the overall entertainment experience of your ticket holders and, at the exact right moment, enable you to bring unprecedented levels of energy into your building!

Here are some custom sports music samples:

NOTE: They are all fade/in & fade/out excerpts of the final pieces (all at 96kbps)

National Hockey League:

Colorado Avalanche - 2002 Stanley Cup Playoffs
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Home Team entrance to the Pepsi Center (synched to video) This is Raffi doing the voice intro and Adrian producing a mix based on "All My Life" by the Foo Fighters and infused with Rage Against The Machine's "Take The Power Back" and Pantera's "A New Level"
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National Hockey League:

San Jose Sharks - 2004 Stanley Cup Playoffs Home Team entrance to the HP Pavilion (synched to video)

"The Stanley Cup Symphony" - Consists of four parts, each representing a round of the playoffs, culminating with victory in the finals. The Sharks wanted a classical but intense theme. Pieces incorporated are: "Saeta" - Davis/Evans; Braveheart OST - Horner; "Mars: Bringer Of War" - Holst; "Pictures At An Exhibition" - Mussorgsky. This sound file fades in and out of short excerpts of its key parts.
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Major League Baseball:

San Francisco Giants - 2002 World Series - Misc. in-game use

"Hot In Herre (Rated G)" - The Giants were blaring this song on national TV in the post-pennant-winning locker room celebration!We restructured the chorus to make it "family friendly" and allow for in stadium play during the World Series.
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Major League Soccer:

San Jose Earthquakes - 2005 Home Team entrance

This is just a slight manipulation and re-arrangement of Aaron Carter's "Not Another Earthquake" to turn it into an "Earthquakes" - themed Top 40 anthem!
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