Award Winning DJs  “King Raffi” Nalvarian and “DJ Adrian” Cavlan

DJs, MCs and Music for School Parties and Events

We have been performing for junior high, high school and college dances since our two founders started back in the mid-'80s, and many of our original clients have used only our DJs since that time. Given the competition and price pressures of the school market, we are extremely proud of this record of customer satisfaction.Our success in schools is based on these things:

  1. We play a great assortment of music, emphasizing student requests and ensuring that not just one kind of music is playing all night.

  2. DJs, MCs and Music for School Parties and EventsWe screen the songs for language and content. Let's face it: in this day and age, if we were to screen out any questionable content, we be left playing nothing but Buddy Holly at school dances. Any songs that are overtly suggestive or profane are nixed. The rest of them, as long as they are "radio clean", get played. This bargain has worked well for us and seems to be something that the students, administrators and parents have all agreed they can accept. Thank goodness!

  3. We show up ON TIME, with equipment that WORKS, dressed appropriately and without a crew of useless hangers-on. We also include our basic light show with every dance to create a festive atmosphere.

  4. No matter how good the DJ, students like variety. The benefit to the administration is that they get the variety of multiple DJs, but the RELIABILITY of dealing with just one rock-solid company that they can put their trust in.

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