Award Winning DJs  “King Raffi” Nalvarian and “DJ Adrian” Cavlan

If you are having your whole wedding celebration at the same site, our specialized ceremony music and microphone service is an unbeatable value. This service, which is included in the price quote you will be given, offers you the convenience and peace-of-mind of only having to deal with one person for all of your wedding music needs.

Using a second, separate sound system, we specially tune and place a wireless lavalier microphone on your officiant, enabling your guests to hear the whole ceremony perfectly. Another wireless microphone is set in a stand for any readers or vocalists you may have, and additional microphones can be contracted as necessary. In most cases, we also can tie electronic keyboards or guitars into the mixing board for your performers.

For your ceremony music, our selections are featured on a web page with literally dozens of small mp3 samples that you can download and listen to. Several of them come as pre-programmed (three-piece) ceremonies so the music will flow just right. The ceremonies range from the most traditional Wedding March, Pachelbel's Canon-type to totally unique Spanish classical guitar, Celtic Harp and even Pop Vocal ceremonies. The best part is that you get to choose which you like best - or, do as many couples have and choose individual pieces from a few of them (or even supply your favorites) to create a ceremony that is uniquely your own!


Serving Carmel, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Campbell, San Jose and the South Bay Area