Award Winning DJs  “King Raffi” Nalvarian and “DJ Adrian” Cavlan

DJs for Nightclubs and Bars

Part of why our company exists today is because of the long history of club DJing success enjoyed by the two owners, Raffi and Adrian.

In 1986 "King Raffi" made his club DJ debut at One Step Beyond In Santa Clara, and in 1990 he started a new night at the Cactus Club in San Jose called "Disco Inferno". One man, a polyester Angel Flight suit and some bad (but so GOOOOD!) disco records made for a phenomenon: within a few months "Disco Inferno" was indeed on fire, as Raffi sold out with a line literally down the block waiting to get in. You could get in a little sooner if you knew the password, which was... wait a minute, he still uses it! They really could have called it Studio 55 - he spun for four spectacular years, in the process taking home four of his five total Metro reader poll awards as "Best Club DJ" in Santa Clara County.

Additional venues hosting nights featuring Raffi include San Jose's F/X The Club, Ajax Lounge, Oasis, The Usual and Agenda; Club Colossus and Club Martini in San Francisco, The Club in Monterey and One Step Beyond in Santa Clara.

Now, "DJ Adrian" decided to get in on the club DJing party a few years later, after subbing for Raffi on a few nights and thinking "yeah, I can dig this..."

In late 1994, in his hometown of Santa Cruz, Adrian was given Tuesday nights at the legendary Blue Lagoon, and was told that maybe a disco night would be fun. So, he did it... but his way. It wasn't just about polyester and platforms, it was about late 60's Soul, Deep Funk and Old School ghetto jams too, and why the heck not throw in Prince and early Madonna and even the Beasties? "Burn Baby Burn" wasn't really a 70's night, it was a just a fun retro music night, and it went BIG. Lines down the block, velvet ropes, the whole nine yards. It got so big that the whole club became more prosperous and the Blue decided to expand to more than double its size. And you know what? It STILL sold out every week! In early 1996, Adrian won his first Metro and Good Times reader poll awards for "Best Club DJ". In 1998, Adrian took over the Blue's Thursday Modern Rock night, turned it into the first dedicated '80s night in the greater Bay Areas and played it every week for five years. The result? A total of 12 "Best Club DJ" awards in the annual reader polls.

Additionally, Adrian DJ'd for three years upstairs at the Crow's Nest Beach Party, and has done guest slots at clubs all over Santa Cruz.

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